Yeast Infection in Men and Women – Discover Why Monistat and Other Drugs Can’t Cure the Symptoms

Men and women can both suffer from yeast infections and it is not an uncommon thing. The fungus candida is a naturally occurring fungus in the body. The problem starts when the yeast suddenly increases in number and cannot be controlled by good bacteria in the body.

This condition happens because of variety of reasons. It may be because the person suffers from a weak immune system, or it can also be because of prolonged use of antibiotics. Yeast infection also happens because the person is high risk for it; people suffering from diabetes, cancer, HIV and other such ailments can have recurring yeast infections. Additionally, older people who have dentures can get yeast infections around that area. Even babies can suffer from yeast infections, especially in the mouth because of undeveloped immune systems.

The most popular, and probably most controversial are genital yeast infections. Unfortunately, it is hard for people to acknowledge that they may be suffering from a genital yeast infection because of the stigma attached to it; it does come from unprotected sexual contact.

The usual treatment for genital yeast infections, whether in the male or the female, is anti fungal creams. Also, Monistat and creams of the -azole family are recommended. Remedies like Monistat however, is said to only treat the surface, relieving symptoms, but not totally eliminating the infection itself. This means that the yeast infection can occur again and again.

Some suggest that the only option of you want to make sure that your yeast infection is cured completely, is to take natural remedies for yeast infections. Home remedies are advised, as well as natural supplements.

Garlic Tabs for example, have proven to be effective in eradicating both the symptoms and the root cause of yeast infections. This can be taken internally or can be used as a suppository for female genital yeast infection. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, garlic clove, pressed, can be applied to the rashes directly, or be taken orally with a glass of water.

Another effective remedy is natural anti fungal spray that can kill off the yeast and has no side effects. This botanical spray is used straight from the bottle, at full strength (undiluted).

When suffering from a yeast infection, you not only have to treat the symptoms and the infection, you should also make sure that you are not doing anything that can aggravate the infection. For girls, these include avoidance of contraceptive pills, douching which does not do well for the bacteria in the vagina, deodorants: for both genders – avoid antibiotics, underwear not made of cotton that keeps moisture in the genital area, tight pants that irritates the crotch area, and sitting in wet clothes like swimsuits.

In addition to taking care of your body externally, yeast infections can also be prevented by making sure that you are healthy and your body is in balance. This can be achieved by a proper diet, activities that de-stress, and lots of vitamins and minerals, plus adequate rest.